Marketing Associate



We are seeking a marketing associate who will take control over our marketing activities. The ideal candidate will bring their ideas to the role and be a doer rather than a co-ordinator.

The job will be based in our Dublin city centre office, in Strand Street Great, just near the Ha'penny bridge and Dublin's Italian Quarter.



We're not hung up on education or qualifications. We will of course take it into account but we're much more interested in what you've done. We want enthusiastic, motivated people


Salary will be in line with experience. Tapadoo offer a generous health plan to all employees upon completion of a probation period. We're centrally located in Dublin 1. We have a positive work environment, and a supportive team.


We believe that a diverse team makes for better products and a better workplace. Our team come from all over the world and from varied backgrounds.

Studies have shown that when a man reads a job description and sees an 80% overlap with their skills, they think "This is the job for me", but when a woman reads a job description and sees an 80% overlap with their skills, they think "I'm not quite the right fit" - If you feel you want to give this a shot, please get in touch. Our current team of 15 has 5 women. This is not enough, and we'd love to hear from women, men and women of colour and other groups under represented in the tech industry.

An yes. for the many who ask every time we write a job advert: We will give new recruits a Tapadoo Hoodie

Sorry Recruiters, we're not looking for help with this.

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